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Cinestar Events – Australia deserves the best in Bollywood entertainment

Hi, I am Yogesh Sharma and it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.

Entertainment is serious business. It involves bringing the best talent in contact with the genuine admirers of their craft. It is a business that goes way beyond travel arrangements and venue bookings. It is all about connecting the stars with their fans in a professional yet personal way.

At Cinestar Events, we are the pioneers of top quality Bollywood entertainment in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji Islands. Over the years, we have brought a scintillating array of artists from Bollywood to Australia – from young sensations to seasoned performers, rising stars to living legends. Each of the concerts organized by Cinestar Events has been a huge success with great memories for both the artist and the public. Our organizational skills, marketing strategies, attention to detail and years of experience set us apart as a trail-blazer in Bollywood shows in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji Islands.

Our association with Bollywood started in...well, Bollywood aka Mumbai. I learnt the ropes of the entertainment industry during my 11 years in Bollywood during which I was involved in sound recording, video production and music marketing. As owner of The Tune – one of the most successful digital sound recording studios in Mumbai in the late 90s - I have been closely associated some of the biggest entertainers and have followed their careers while contributing to their growth as professionals. Celebrities such as Asha Bhosle, Daler Menhdi, Mika and Sonu Nigam were regular visitors to our studios.

After coming to Australia, I saw the opportunity to provide professional quality entertainment to people of the subcontinent in all the major cities. The concert scene, till then, was way below international standards. Thanks to my training in Bollywood and backed by a great team of professionals and supporters locally, we have been able to redefine concert entertainment in the South Pacific Region. Today we have a robust group of sponsors, a trusted team of supporters and of course, a growing market of lovers of entertainment.

Today, Cinestar Events boasts of an enviable track record in hosting memorable concerts featuring superstars such as Asha Bhosle, Jagjit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Pankaj Udhas, Gurdas Mann, Johnnie Lever and many more. We will continue to bring more memorable Bollywood shows to our audience in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji Islands.

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